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Childfree Dark!

For the more darker, more cynical humored childfree

Childfree Dark
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Cynical Childfreeness
Welcome to childfree_dark!

This is a different kind of childfree community. It was specifically created for childfree individuals to freely express their sick, twisted, morbid humor in relations to childfree, without being harassed for their sense of humor. This may include finding amusement in the deaths or tragedies of children, breeders, etc.

Don't understand terms like moo, duh, or fencesitters? Here's a page of helpful terms.

NOTE that this community is intended for those who are CHILDFREE. In short, childfree means that one is planning on NEVER having children. Ever. Not in the past, present, or future.

This primarily focuses on biological, but to some can include not adopting either. This does not include women who have had abortions seeing as how they technically have not given birth.

Coming into this community to troll or whine at us is only going to get you mercilessly flamed, mocked, and banned. Of all the childfree communities on LJ, childfree_dark is the LAST one you want to mess with.

Welcome and please enjoy your stay. ^___^

:::Hi there, new/current Admin/Maintainer Ty here. I'm unsure who actually made this community (one of many I've joined) but they seem to have transferred ownership, so I'll just leave the original description intact above. The primary e-mail is listed (W-c@H), so I'd be glad to transfer ownership back in future if they wish and can confirm what it is and that they operate it.

:::I've changed joining from approval to letting anyone join automatically for the moment since I've always thought groups should be more open, lol.